Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions:

What is Clicks Win Prizes!

This is the name given to our free to enter competitions, where new prizes are featured on a regular basis.

How do I enter Clicks Win Prizes!

To enter the Clicks Win Prizes! giveaway competitions, simply complete the phrase in the ‘Your answer’ box or if prompted by a survey question, simply answer the question, then key in your email address in the box provided. If you have already entered one of the competitions your email address should automatically be completed.

Do I have to register to enter Clicks Win Prizes!

No there’s no need to register to enter the Clicks Win Prizes! competitions. You will need to enter a valid email address so please make sure this remains in use, otherwise we will not be able to contact you should you win your prize.

Why do I have to answer a question?

The reason we ask you to answer a simple question before entering a giveaway competition, is so that we can ensure that all entries are from genuine users of our website (and not from computer-generated programs otherwise known as robots.)

How will my email address be used?

Your email address is used only for the purposes of entering the giveaway. It will not be handed to third parties. Should you win one of the giveaways, we will contact you for more details and these will be passed onto the prize provider so that they can deliver your prize.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter the giveaway competitions as many times as you like, but we do only allow one entry to each competition over a pre-defined period. Once you’ve entered a giveaway competition, the competition box will tell you when you can enter again.

How many giveaways can I enter at any one time?

You can enter as many giveaways as you like at any one time. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to enter, so you’ll only need to enter your email address once.

How will I know if I’ve won?

We will contact you via the email address you have provided to enter the giveaway, you must respond to this email within 5 days in order to claim your prize. You will be asked to provide contact details only so that your prize can be delivered, we will not ask you for any other details.

How does this affect my account for this website?

The email address you have used to enter the giveaway is the email address we will use to contact you should you win. If you change your registered account details on this site then this will not update your giveaway competition entries. It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address you provide when entering the giveaway will still be valid when the competition closes. Please note we cannot amend individual giveaway entries upon request.